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I have been teaching Sunday School for 40 years now and I have seen many styles of curriculum. Unfortunately, much of the material available is mindless and demeaning to the child's age level and the well established, published curriculum is frequently out of date and dull. Yours is not. Thank you. This is the only web-based resource that I consider worth paying money for. ~ Mark

This is an amazing web site. I have searched for good, age appropriate bible lessons with craft ideas. This is the complete package. I've paid for membership to others that were a waste of money and time. I can tell just after my first use of this web site that this will be well worth my time and money. Thanks for the amazing work. ~ Michelle

My teachers (12-18 of them) love using the site because it's very intuitive and full of great ideas. I love that you can take the lesson and add to it from the Topical Index. That way we can add more activities on the weeks we know we'll have extra time (Communion Sunday). The lessons are solid bible teaching so you are a great blessing to us and our kids. I also love using a web-based product so everyone can have access from where ever they are, no more sharing teaching books and materials. I'm very encouraged that you continue to add new lessons and activities as well so it doesn't get stale.

Overall, you've all done a great job! And what a win the cost of membership is! We were able to discontinue use of the boxed curriculum we were paying hundreds of dollars a year for! That money can now go towards other Sunday School expenses so we can enrich our program.

We're happy campers at the Summit in Enumclaw! I've shared your site with several other co-workers here at World Vision who also teach Sunday School at their churches. Overwhelming kuddos from all who use your site, so be encouraged that you are serving God's kingdom richly. Thanks for all you do! ~ Bonnie

I am a very busy mother, social worker, Program Coordinator/Development at church for toddlers-grade school, and I do special events also. I like my lessons to be unique, easy to follow (both for me and the students) and FUN. Unfortunately, time does not allow me to put in all of the effort that I wish I could, but a google search for a plan about Daniel (for 4-5th grade boys returning to school) led me to your site and it was God's gift to me. I became a member immediately and will use your items regularly in many programs. Thank you for your devotion to children and for using your talents in a Godly fashion and most importantly, for sharing them with others. Also, it was wonderful to have an affordable membership. ~ Katherine

Praise God! for such a wonderful resource center for scripture/Sunday school. This is definitely one of the best, so many good ideas and variety, Thank you so much to all involved in putting this together. May God continue to bless you as you continue to encourage and inspire many like myself who need these materials to bring exciting and fun lessons to teach children today the truth of God's word. God bless you and protect you and your families. ~ Ruth

I want you to know that, after 30+ years as an educator, and with quite a few of those years as a Sunday School teacher, I think your lessons are the best I've seen! You are to be congratulated on educationally sound lessons - not easy to find in this genre. ~ Harriett

Thank you so much for the web site! I'm a new Sunday school teacher who finds your lessons so easy to use and exciting. When I first started teaching Sunday school I would spend the whole week worrying about what I would teach the kids. When I discovered your site I was so excited that I could not wait for my turn to teach the kids. May the good Lord continue to richly bless you. ~ Ellah

I came across your site through a google search & did a few lessons that you offered for free. I love your curriculum! You guys make it so easy, that anyone who has a heart for kids with little experience in teaching them could use your lessons, games & activities. I had a 2nd grade child accept the Lord through one of your lessons about the Bible. When I told my pastor about it, the next week my church purchased a membership. The kids love the activities and games & it makes it so easy for me to prepare in spite of a busy schedule. Thanks for your contribution & may God bless & prosper you & this web site as you all continue to equip the body to expand the kingdom. ~ Tonya

I have been teaching Sunday School for over 30 years and visit my local school to take assemblies and lead children's services in church and I just wanted to let you know yours is the most useful and user friendly and simple to follow resource I have ever come across. keep up the good work & thank you you have been a gift from God in my busy life! ~ Heather

I'd like to let you know that your lessons are very helpful in teaching kids in our Children's Church Ministry here in the Philippines. The kids became more enthusiastic and attentive. The curriculum served as a guide to our teachers and they were able to develop their creativity and teaching skills. I hope you will have more interesting and meaningful lessons for us to share with our kids here in Sunday school. In behalf of our teachers - thank you so much and God bless all of you who are behind this wonderful ministry. Truly, God is so good!   ~ Jesusa
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your lessons and resources are. I used several of your lessons, games, and object talks for our VBS this summer rather than buying the expensive denominational curriculum we've used for decades. I was amazed at all the compliments about the material I received from teachers. We saved so much money and our VBS was a huge success! Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources. ~ Tina

This letter comes to you as one of gratitude. We have been using for a little over two months now and we absolutely love it! The turn around with our children has been phenomenal! We had a problem class and we were not sure what to do. We asked our teachers to get out of their comfort zone and start using your curriculum. They agreed! Within weeks, we began to hear how this class was beginning to become easier to manage because it was keeping their attention. It was getting rave reviews from the teachers, because it provided many fun activities for them. The teachers love it and report that they are enjoying teaching again. Starting in Sept. we are all going to be using your curriculum. All the teachers are excited and have been commenting on how they have been looking around the web site and all the great things offered. Our pastor tells us to give roses to those while we are still here. So, to all you at Kids Sunday School Place, I give you roses for all your hard work. It has paid off, it has rekindled many teachers love of teaching God's word and it has lit a light within children to want to learn about God's word.
~ Kelly, New Faith Chapel

Dropping you a note to tell how much I love your lesson plans. They have been so much help to us. We had been unable to find lessons plans through other sources that were fun to teach our children, until now. Our Youth Pastor likes your lessons very much as well as our teachers. The lessons are very exciting to teach, it's put a new excitement in our youth program and our teachers. I can't thank you enough for what you're doing. I praise God for your ministry, and I praise God that I found your site. ~ Judith

I just wanted to let you know what an answer to prayer you are at kids Sunday school! It's as if your web site was created for us specifically. We wanted something fun, fast and life changing! Our heart is to reach this city with the gospel and change kids lives making them effective radical believers that LOVE Jesus and LOVE church! I was explaining to my husband everything I needed in a curriculum...skits, activities, THE WORD, memory verses, a lesson plan for teachers to plug into. It was a "dream" to have all such things in one curriculum. We hadn't seen it anywhere else before. I am not good at surfing the net but I thought I would give it a try. My second attempt at a search engine was "Sunday school" and there you were. My next concern was, "how much". You definitely had a God idea to not create printing costs yourself to make this available to churches at a very affordable price. We have spent several hundreds of dollars in curriculum to only find that it gets lost easily and is hard to store. We thank God for his "witty inventions" and your willingness to follow His heart for children! Thank you, Thank you, Thank have made our job much easier and the children of Rochester, NY will be changed because of your part in the Kingdom! God Bless Your Ministry and All You Put Your Hand To! ~ Christine, Rochester, NY

I am a Sunday school teacher for third/fourth grade children. I have used many different types of literature to make Sunday school come to life for my students. Many things that I used just did not keep my student's interest. Then I came across your site! I couldn't' believe how wonderful it was! It has exactly the type of lessons that I love to teach, and the lessons are right from God's word! I started using them with my students and they loved them as much as I did. We used every one of the free lessons, then I decided to become a member. I wanted to say thank you, for Kids Sunday School Place! It is an inspiring web site! My students thank you also! God bless and keep up the great work for the Lord!  Mary Beth ~ Russell Springs, Kentucky

From "The Dallas Morning News"
Having trouble getting the attention of children in your Sunday school class? Try "listening ears": "Clear your throat and pull out two giant ears from behind your back. As you move the giant ears to the sides of your head, you say, 'Okay kids, it's time to put on your listening ears.; The kids giggle, point and laugh." More tips and ideas can be found at this site run by two friends who teach Sunday school. The site has everything from skits and songs to games and lesson plans. Anyone can peruse hundreds of features, but membership provides full access. The ideas are creative and fairly simple. Consider prayer mats: take a small mat or carpet sample and write "My Prayer Mat" on it. Have the kids take it home and place it by their beds to remind them to pray. And if it works for kids, maybe adults have a chance. B.D.

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your object lessons with those of us who surf the net. I have been teaching object lessons on a local radio station for the past four years. Sometimes I get bogged down. I wanted something fresh and new. You have provided that for me and others from ages (one to whatever) over a 100 mile radius.
D. Jones ~ Monroe, LA

From Church Web Review: Kids Sunday School Place is a GREAT site for anyone who works with children. We know that all caps is shouting in Internet language but this site is worth shouting about. This is pretty much everything including the kitchen sink when it comes to good tools for teaching and working with children.

I have recently been asked by my pastor to teach Sunday School. I was very concerned about the lack of money I had to provide a sufficient children's ministry and I was afraid that I would not do a good job. I came upon your site and within hours I was a member. I cannot express to you enough how much your wonderful site has helped me. I will now be able to teach with confidence and I will know that my students are getting the most out of their Sunday School Lesson. Thank you for the time and care you have put into creating a site that is helpful to both Sunday School teachers as well as to the students who learn the lessons. ~ Amanda

Hello, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how great your site is! We have a very small church and are just beginning to establish a Sunday school. With very little financial support I turned to the web and found this site. I have printed several lessons along with the handouts. Today was our first day and it went over great. Our first lesson was "Why Pray?", the kids are excited about next weeks topic about the robot. Also did the Wisdom Wall, the kids are eager to make a perfect chain! I am sending a money order first thing tomorrow to join your site. Thanks again and keep up the good work. ~ Diane

Thanks to you so much! This is answered prayer finding this site. I teach Sunday school... 2nd grade. I'm not a natural born teacher, and all the teachers don't use a certain curriculum, so I'm always looking for a subject and helps in my class. You came to my rescue!!! ~ Cindy

Thank you! On a whim, I went to the internet (versus shopping several Christian stores which takes so much time) and found your site - you were the first site I visited under search "Sunday School - Children's Ministries" and I haven't looked further. I will stay with your site and hope you will continue adding new material !!! ~ Mrs. B

I couldn't help writing to you after viewing your wonderful web site. I teach a Sunday school class for 2-6 year old children. We are a small church with limited resources for teaching materials. Your site has been of great help to me and I intend to use your ideas as well as share them with a friend of mine who is a Sunday school teacher also.
~ Sis

I really appreciate the site you created. I am sharing it with many of my friends who are in the Children's Ministry as I have been for over 20 years. ~ Jack

Your site is an answer to prayer. I was looking for some activities for my Sunday School class and certainly came to the right place. I have the material I need for this week and will be back to look when I have more time to give your site the attention it deserves. Praise God for your sharing hearts. ~ Diane

I love your site, you just don't know how long I have searched for a site like this. ~ Sheila

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the wonderful web site. I only "discovered" it a few days ago so I haven't had a chance to explore all that it has to offer just yet. As a Sunday school teacher of 4 year olds I can use all the help I can get coming up with appropriate games, crafts and activities that will keep the children busy, entertained and enthusiastic about learning. Thank you for the work you are doing! It is a fantastic web site for those of us just starting out. ~ Cheryl

"Let me start by saying a huge "Thank you" for your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Children's Pastor in Binghamton NY and I have found your site the MOST useful to me out of all the Children's ministry sites I've encountered. I especially love the "Topical Index" option for searching for ideas- very, very, very helpful." ~ Stephen

"First of all, I'd like to say how I love your web site. It's exactly what I am looking for. I was all excited when I first saw it. My husband and I are with a company that requires us to live in very remote locations and you can only get to these places by plane. One of the things that I discovered is that there are no Sunday school classes for the children. In fact, church is not a very important part of these peoples lives, (in this community that we're in right now). So I prayed and felt God leading me to start a Sunday school for children. So this is all new to me. I have lead a Bible Study for adults in the last community we were in but never have I worked with children. What I like about these lessons is the activities they involve. Things that make it fun for them. I haven't yet joined but I plan to do so. I haven't started the classes yet but I'm in the planning stage of it. Thank you for all the work that has gone into this and for providing this for people like me who have nothing to go on. May God greatly bless this work." ~ Barb

Peace and God's Blessings! I just wanted to say how blessed I have been searching through your site! Although I didn't join today, I will be joining very soon. I want to see if the trustees will pay for a church membership that can be used for not just the Sunday School, for bur general educational enrichment. I am the Sunday School instructor, newly appointed, and I wanted to find some things for the children that would not only hold their attention, but teach them the principals of God, His love for us, and His Word. This site does all of that and more! Thank you! May God continue to bless your outreach efforts! ~ Valerie

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