Bulletin Boards

Creative Christian bulletin boards are a great way to add excitement to your classroom and reinforce the lesson at the same time. Special messages from the Bible will stay with the kids because they will see them over several weeks. More information

Letter and Number Templates Click here

Angels Singing

When Jesus was born, the angels appeared praising the new born Savior. With this bulletin board, the joy of Jesus will be known throughout the classroom. The angels are three dimensional.

Army Of One

We serve a mighty God who is an Army of One. This bulletin boards shows the children how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit work together as one.

Basketful Of Joy

The story of Ruth is about a young widow who found a basketful of joy because she decided to follow the Lord. God has many baskets full of joy for all who follow His Son Jesus Christ.

Consider God's Wonders

With this colorful bulletin board, children take time to stop and consider God's many wonders, as suggested in Job 37:14

Different People

We live in a world made up of many different people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles. God loves everyone. Children must learn to respect and love each other, because God loves all of us.

Don't Stain Your Reputation

A reputation can be tarnished like a stain on a robe. The way to keep a good reputation is by obeying God in all things.

Fishers Of Men

This display will remind the kids that as disciples of Jesus, they are called to reach out in the community and invite others to church. (Mark 1:17)

Follow Jesus

This display will remind the kids that they can follow Jesus and obey Him wherever they are, at home, in school, at church and even while playing.

Follow The Leader

A whimsical yet truthful picture of how Jesus is the most important leader all of us should follow.

Follow The Light

Children see they can follow the light of the Lord by reading the Bible, praying, worshiping, and going to church.

Follow The Son

The light is always with us when we follow the Son of God. Use this bulletin board to display key Bible verses about following Jesus.

God Created

A cheerful reminder that God created the universe and that God created us.

God Is Good

A very colorful bulletin board to show thanksgiving to God for all the great things He provides.

God's Special People

An exciting way for the children in your class to see who is special to God.

Great Bible Adventures

An exciting visual display that opens the pages of scripture to young minds.

Growing For Jesus

Children grow fast, and they need to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Kids will participate in making this bulletin board look like a real tree.

Heavenly Steps To Salvation

Take the children along a heavenly path to salvation by starting with hearing the Word of God and ending with living a new life for Jesus.

Holy Trinity

To show the three persons of God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Perfect for lessons about the Holy Trinity or Salvation.

Hosanna In The Highest!

Hear the shouts of Hosanna, and feel the breeze of the palm branches with this colorful bulletin board about the triumphal entry of Jesus.

I Can Pray To God

This bulletin board will remind the kids that they pray to God wherever they are, at home, in school, at church and even while playing. Use this bulletin board for lessons on prayer, worship, or walking with God.

I Wanna Be Just Like Jesus

A reminder that to be just like Jesus, one must be humble, depend on God, show love and be a "living sacrifice."

Jesus Fills Me Up

An interactive bulletin board to reward the children for attendance, answering questions, good behavior and much more.

Jesus Is...

This bulletin board will help children remember five important things that Jesus is.

Letter And Number Templates

Use these templates to create letters for bulletin boards. Print directly onto colored paper and cut out each letter, or print on heavy card stock to use as stencils.

Make Time For God

A display to remind the children to spend time with God each and every day.

Miracles Of Jesus

Jesus performed many miracles to help us believe He is the Christ, the Son of God. This colorful bulletin board helps the children remember seven special miracles.

Narrow Is The Road To Life

A colorful scene showing the difference between the broad road to destruction and the narrow road leading to life as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:14

Noah's Ark

God protects Noah and the animals aboard the ark as the rain falls and the waters flood the earth. Great for preschool.

Now Boarding

Don't wait until it is too late! A bulletin board to help children understand the urgency of receiving God's gift of Salvation.

Our Good Shepherd

A pleasant and colorful reminder that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He watches over us, protects us, and in Him we shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)

Out Of This World

Children will begin to see the vastness of how wonderful Jesus is with this display.

Pear Up With Jesus

As luscious pears depend on God to grow, this bulletin board will show how we can have a very fruitful life when we pair up with Jesus.

Perfect Gifts

All Spiritual Gifts are given to us from God, for the building up of the Church. This bulletin board shows how each gift is precious.

Putting Jesus First

Children will enjoy completing this interactive bulletin board/coloring activity and seeing how they can put Jesus first with their words, actions, thoughts, and life.

Rise And Live For Jesus

We live in a world filled with many weeds, but we are children of God. Therefore, let us rise high and live for Jesus.

Robes Of Righteousness (Grade School)

Children create their own colorful robes to demonstrate how they can rejoice in the Lord who clothes us with robes of righteousness. (Isaiah 61:10)

Robes Of Righteousness (Preschool)

Children add brilliant colors to show how they can rejoice in the Lord who clothes us with robes of righteousness. (Isaiah 61:10)

Salvation Railroad

All aboard the Salvation Railroad! A quick reminder of the different steps every child should understand before being baptized. You can easily create this bulletin board using basic shapes.

Showers Of Blessings

Living for Jesus means we will have a life full of blessings. These blessings will help us grow, and be happy, like flowers during a spring rain.

The Church Is Our Home

A great bulletin board idea for teaching how children of God will live forever, because their real home Is with Jesus Christ.

The Heavens Declare

Children add their stars to fill the night sky, showing how the heavens declare the glory of God.

The Safest Way

There is safety in living a Godly life. Noah is the perfect example of this because he was righteous and therefore saved from the flood by God.

We Will Serve The Lord

There is a difference that everyone can see when a household chooses to serve the Lord.

Wisdom Of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs is rich in godly wisdom, providing both practical and spiritual advice. This bulletin board offers eight important verses from Proverbs.

Work Of His Hands

God makes us different for a reason. We all have a purpose. As Jeremiah discovered while observing the potter as he made clay vessels, God can use us in any way He chooses. We are His children, and He is our Lord. (Jeremiah 18:1-10)