Object Talks

Object lessons use familiar items to help get the Word of God into the hearts of children. Great for Sunday School classes, Bible lessons, worship time, and children's sermons. More information

A Heart For Jesus

The Holy Spirit can reach our heart no matter how much we may have sinned.


Highly annoying, but great at getting our attention, alarms play an important role in keeping us safe.

Ask A Friend

This Object lesson will reveal just how fast a Sunday school class can grow when God's Word is shared.

Be Grateful

Prayers must be sincere and heartfelt or they are little more than wasted breath.

Bear Good Fruit

The children will identify godly people from ungodly people by the type of fruit each group bears.

Become All Things

To reach everyone for Jesus, we must become all things. (1 Corinthians 9:22)

Biblical Addresses

It is easy to find scripture verses once you know their Biblical addresses.


Don't let the things of this world blind you from the things of God.

Cactus Needles

A cactus has needles to protect the water within, but when we drink of the living water, we have God's protection.

Can You Do A 180?

Children will have fun learning about the phrase “180” and how it applies to our relationship with God.

Can't Be Earned

Salvation is a free gift and can’t be earned. No matter how hard we try, our own efforts are useless.

Crushed And Restored

We needn't allow sin to crush us, a restored life awaits us in Christ Jesus.

Cutting Corners

We should be careful to follow God's standards, so that we do not defile ourselves and ruin our reputation.

Deep Roots

To withstand the droughts and hardships of life, and let others see Jesus alive in us, we need to be deeply rooted in the Word of God.

Dirty Windows

Just as it is difficult to see through a dirty window, we cannot see God clearly through a life of sin.

Don't Sin

The burden of sin makes it hard to walk the narrow path.

Double Trouble

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Proverbs 12:19


Using the proper tools empowers us both physically and spiritually.

Eye Of The Needle

An Object Talk to show how difficult it is to enter the kingdom of God when weighed down with earthly possessions.

Fake Flowers

Real Christians are as different from fake Christians as real flowers are different from artificial ones.

Fan The Flame

We should have a burning passion to let others see Jesus alive in us, but sometimes we need to fan the flame.

Fill Them With God's Kindness

A demonstration to show what can happen when we display God's kindness, mercy, and love without favoritism.

Filthy Rags

Can we, being like filthy rags, ever become completely clean? With Jesus we can!

Forgive & Forget

Forgiveness is sweeter than crisp, ripe apple.

Friends Rub Off

By coloring in with pencil large letters that spell FRIENDS, you will show how friends, whether they are good or bad, can easily rub off on you.

Fully Cleansed

It takes more than doing good things to be born again, it takes the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Get Unfrozen

A cool object lesson about how some Christians freeze up when it comes to witnessing.

God's Forgiveness

This Object Talk demonstrates the power of God's forgiveness of our sins through Christ, and how the Holy Spirit can melt away the barriers that keeps us from Him.

God's Goodness

Children discover that the good we have comes from God. by Theresa S.

God's Instructions

Blessed are those who listen to God's instruction.

God's Many Blessings

God overflows our cups with blessings. This object talk will help kids see the power in these blessings.

Green-Eyed Monster

A jealous heart is never happy. An object talk to show how easily jealousy can show its ugly green eyes.

Hardened Heart

Being able to spin an egg that has been hard-boiled will show the kids how a hardened heart makes it difficult to resist the devil.

Harm Removed

Always trust in the Lord. This Object Talk will show the kids how God keeps us safe from the grasp of the devil in miraculous ways.

Heavenly Treasures

Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Matthew 6:20a

Held Tightly By Sin

A sinner is trapped by his own evil acts. He is held tightly by the ropes of his sins.

Holy Spirit Power

With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do great things for the kingdom of God, but without it we are powerless.

Hope In A Box

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

How Much Does Sin Weigh?

God’s Law shows us how truly we fall short of His glory.

Human Billboards

And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right, 2 Thessalonians 3:13

I Belong Here And There

The children will evaluate all the places, clubs, events, etc. that they belong too while discovering that Heaven is the one place that matters most.

Impossible Reach

We build many things to help us reach difficult places. However, we can only reach Heaven through the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

In Awe Of God

We stand in awe of God. His greatness no one can fathom.

In God We Trust

A nation or a people that trusts in God is wise indeed.

Incredible Strength

How can you gain the strength to stand up to the pressures and temptations of this world? This object lesson shows how.

Jell-O Surprise

An illustration that compares Jell-O to our fleshly (sinful) desires.

Jesus Is Here

We must always live our lives remembering that Jesus is right here with us, knowing everything we say and do.

Keeping Warm

The warmth and joy of a Christian family is a true blessing from God.

Life's Filter

The world around us may be polluted, but God gives us the means to remove these impurities.

Light Of The World

We are the light of the world, but what kind of light are we?

Lighting Up The World

A short illustration about lighting up the world, one match at a time.

Listening For God

Distractions in our busy days can make it harder to hear God's quiet voice.

Living Invitations

Children love to get invitations to birthday parties. This object talk teaches that God wants us to be living invitations.

Love Of Money

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 1 Timothy 6:10a

Love Without End

A simple Object Talk to show how much God desires our love and adoration, all throughout our lives.

Many Parts, One Body

In order for something to operate correctly, all parts perform important functions. Every Christian is important too, because they are all part of one body: the Church.

More Than A Gift

God gave us His only Son as a special gift. What do we do with this gift is important.

Mysterious Key

God gives us many keys to unlock the mysteries of life.

Never Runs Out

The power of the Holy Spirit is an everlasting gift that never runs out.

New Life In Christ

Baptism expresses the forgiveness of our sins and the freedom to live a new life in Christ.

No Leftovers

This Object talk shows how God provides for all people, wealthy or poor.

No More Static

An object lesson about having control over what others see and hear in you.

No Shadow Of A Doubt

Doubts are like shadows, when brought into the light of evidence they disappear.

Not A Chance

An object lesson to demonstrate the truth of creation and the power of God.

Not Amused

"The wealth of the wise is their crown, but the folly of fools yields folly." Proverbs 14:24

Now Is The Time

Things this side of Heaven only last so long, including us.

On Loan

"Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6 NIV

One Way Or Many?

God tells us there is only one way to get to Heaven.

Open Book

Like an open book, God knows everything about our whole lives, from beginning to end and everything in between.

Pages Of My Life

It's the quality that counts, not the quantity.

Parting The Waters

A science object talk to show that God's miracles are truly miraculous.

Patterns For Life

An Object Talk about good habits and doing the right thing.

Perfect Mix

Are you made with the right stuff? With Jesus, we are the perfect mix.

Picture Perfect

How can you be a good example of a child of God unless people can clearly see Jesus living in you?

Plugged In

A simple Object Talk to show that unless we are plugged in or connected to Jesus, we can do nothing.

Pour Me Out

A life used by God, is a life worth living.

Power Of Prayer

When God is with us, who can be against us?

Precious Gift Of Time

An Illustration to demonstrate how quickly time passes.

Race Of Your Life

The choices you make will either help or hinder your ability to accomplish the tasks God gives you.

Real Acts Of Kindness

Real kindness must match what the other person needs. Otherwise, what we do may be like pouring vinegar on soda as described in Proverbs 25:20.


Let your light shine and shine and shine.

Refreshing Water

We use water for many things, and it can be quite refreshing to drink. However, John the Baptist used water in a special way to prepare the way for Jesus.


Jesus makes gems out of wrecks.

Right Environment

Just as it takes the right environment to grow a beautiful flower, it also takes the right environment for us to grow spiritually.

Right Reaction

We react to many things without even thinking, even out of habit. Is our reaction fitting for a Christian?

Safety Line

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.

Sanding Rough Edges

God will never have us face temptations or difficulties beyond what we can bear, but going through these will help make us stronger, more mature Christians.

Serving God

You are never too young or too old, the reward is the same.

Shape Of Sin

An Object Talk to help children see how the only way to be purified of sin is through Jesus.

Sin Gets Heavy

The weight of our own sin is hard for us to bear, but Jesus bore the sins of the world.

Sin Is Gross!

A bubble bath has no effect on sin, it's only Jesus that can make you truly clean.

Sin Revealed

Even when we try to hide our sins, or pretend they never happened, they have a way of showing up, like buttons in a glass of cola.

Sin Spoils

A little bit of mold can ruin a sandwich. Likewise, without Jesus, even a little bit of sin will keep us out of Heaven.

Snatch The Stone

It is comforting to know we can trust God to keep us safe.

Soak It In

Someone with a soft heart will soak up the Word of God. On the other hand, the Word of God rolls right off someone with a hardened heart.

Soar For God

When we have faith and follow the Holy Spirit, we will soar as high as a kite for God.

Strength Of Many

The Body of Christ is stronger and more effective when everyone pitches in.

Sweet Desserts

Children will learn that it is better to wait for heavenly rewards than it is to indulge themselves with worldly pleasures.

Sweetness Of Jesus

It is much easier for a Christian to handle the pressures of this world when they have the sweetness of Jesus inside.

Take A Chance

Life has many pitfalls but with God's help we can avoid many of them.


An object lesson and fun activity to show how the Word of God can protect us from all the temptations thrown at us by the devil.

The Big Picture

God is orchestrating beautiful and complex things all around us.

The Long And Short Of It

How long is your power cord? Do you have what it takes to tap into God's power?

The Spirit Is Willing

An object talk to show how easily the Devil can keep us from doing what we know is right. The Spirit is willing, but the body is weak.

Three As One

The three persons of God are one. This Object Talk combines science and imagination to show how three separate streams of water can become one.

Tight Fisted

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36


God uses many things in life to equip us for His purposes

Trashed Mind

We need to think about those things which God calls good and flee from evil.

Treasure Box

The more time you spend reading the Bible the more treasures you will find.

True Belief

We can believe with certainty Jesus is the Son of God, similar to the way we believe airplanes can fly.

True Strength

An object talk to show how God protects us in unseen ways, to help us overcome life's difficulties.

Truth Revealed

A surprising Object Talk the kids can participate in that will show how the Words of Christ became clear after His resurrection.

Unseen Faith

This object talk demonstrates how faith in our Lord can help us from being crushed by fear.

Value Others Above Yourself

The children will discover how to apply God’s Word through an object talk to prefer others over themselves.

Vine And Branches

The children will realize how important it is to remain in God.

Wash Away Sin

No matter how much we have sinned, Jesus can wash all our sins away.


Followers of Christ are a lot like gardens. We must drink in God's living water each day to remain healthy.


Weeds in the lawn are like sins in our lives, they're destructive.

Weight Of Sin

The weight of sin is a heavy burden indeed.

Well Balanced Life

An engaging example of the importance of having a balanced life.

What Are You Growing?

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

What Can I Hear?

If we listen carefully we can hear God's small still voice in a big way.

What Do You See?

There is no end to the treasures that can be found in the Bible, God will always provide new insights when we have the right attitude.

What Is Missing?

God's blessings empower us to live our lives to the fullest.

What Type Of Fear?

Children learn that to fear God means to respect Him, not to be terrified of Him.

What's In Your Backpack?

Many things can be stored in backpacks. What do you store in yours, trash or treasure?

What's In Your Heart?

The love of Jesus can transform an ugly sinful heart into a sweet caring heart.

What's Inside?

Children discover what pure goodness is.

Who Is On The Throne?

While many things compete of our time, nothing should come before God.

Why Struggle?

Without Jesus, even some of the simplest things in life become quite difficult.

Wise Builder

This Object Talk will show why it is important to build on a solid foundation to weather life's storms. That foundation is the Word of God.

World Without Rules

A world without rules would be chaotic, just as a game without rules would be pointless.

Your Choice

The devil sometimes wraps bad things in pretty packages. This object talk will show the kids that it is easy to be fooled by the devil.