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Here are answers to common questions. If you do not find the answer you need, please feel free to contact us! Also, check our help section. Click here

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Do you have curriculum or other published material that can be mailed to me?
We offer an on-line curriculum suggesting various lesson plans that you can use during the year. Find links to our annual curriculums near the top of the Lesson Index. We do not offer pre-printed materials. Instead, you can download or print everything directly from the website.

Do you have a newsletter?
We do not send newsletters or any other routine emails to our customers. In the middle of our home page is a section containing current news and events about our website and materials. 

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Can I add a link to Kids Sunday School Place on our website?
We welcome all links to our website. We prefer that you link to our home page if possible, however a link to a specific page is also permissible. For more information about adding links, and sample banners you can use: Click here

Can you add a reciprocal link to my website?
Yes. If you have a Christian website with Sunday school resources or other useful ideas for children's ministry, and would like to be included in our links section, let us know. For more information and requirements regarding reciprocal links, Click here.

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I fill out the registration form and click on submit, but never get to the next screen, why?
Most likely, the cause for this is that your browser does not accept cookies. KSSP uses a cookie to recognize your username and password, so you only need to enter it once each session. To ensure your Internet browser security settings are set to allow this cookie, check the following:
    1. Select "Internet Options" from your control panel or from the "tools" option on your browser menu.
    2. Select the "privacy” tab
    3. Use the slide bar to select a “medium" or "lower" setting to accept cookies.
    4. Press "OK," then close and restart your browser.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on View advanced settings
  4. Under Cookies, select "Don't block cookies"

iPad and iPhone
   1. Go to Settings
   2. Go to Safari
   3. Under Privacy & Security, ensure Accept Cookies is set to "From Visited" or "Always" or 
                                                             Block Cookies is set to "From third parties and advertisers."

I enter my username and password, but nothing happens, why?
This could happen for several reasons.

A.) Your Internet browser is not accepting cookies. Please see the previous question and answer to correct cookie settings.
B.) Your browser security settings are not allowing you to enter usernames and passwords to access restricted web pages. To check for proper security settings, do the following:
    1. Select "Internet Options" from your control panel or from the "tools" option on your browser menu.
    2. Select the "security" tab
    3. Then press the "Custom Level" button.
    4. At the bottom of the page find "User Authentication."
    5. Make sure that "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" is the only option checked. Also check to see that
        your custom settings are set to "Medium-high" (default)
    6. Press "OK," and "OK" again. Then close and restart your browser.

C.) Another reason could be that another password was saved inadvertently. After you enter your username, make sure there are no asterisks already shown in the password field. If there are, delete them first and enter the correct password.

How do I stop my Username or Password from being remembered automatically?
For Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0, follow these instructions to change or delete stored passwords.
    1. Select "Internet Options" from your control panel or from the "tools" option on your browser menu.
    2. Select the "Content" tab.
    3. Click the "Settings" button in the "AutoComplete" section
    4. Click "Delete AutoComplete history"
    5. In next window, click the "Delete" button.
    6. Uncheck "User names and passwords on forms"
    7. Press "OK," and "OK" again. Then close and restart your browser.

For other browsers and versions of Internet Explorer, Click here

Why can't I get some pages to open?
Handout pages, coloring pages, and template are in PDF form for easy and consistent printing. You can produce the number of copies needed using your printer or a copy machine. To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe reader. To download the free program from the Adobe website, Click here  

Browser plug-ins can at times cause problems when attemping to open PDF documents. By disabling the Adobe Reader plug-ins you allow the rendering of the PDF to take place natively within the browser.

Why do I get the error message "Page Not Found" when I try to register?
For Internet Explorer, follow these instructions to ensure your security settings have SSL functions enabled.
   1. Select "Internet Options" from your control panel or from the tools option on your browser menu.
   2. Select the "Advanced" tab.
   3. Scroll down to the Security section.
   4. Make sure that there are check marks next to Use SSL 2.0 & Use SSL 3.0.
   5. Press "OK" and restart your browser, then register again using a different username

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How often do you add material to the site?
We are continually adding material to the website. Although we do not have a set schedule for adding material, you will find many new items recently added by going to our What's New page.

Is the paid material of the same quality as what I can get for free?
Yes, all of our material is original and of the same high quality. The free items provide a good sampling of the type of material made available to our members.

How can I find a particular activity that I can use with my lesson?
Use our handy Topical Index to quickly find activities, object talks, games or other ideas that match the particular topic or theme of your lesson. First, select the grade level tab you need (Grade school or Preschool) then click on the Topical index button at the top right of the page, at the bottom of the side navigation bar, or at the far right of the colorful ribbon. 

Can I print pages and make copies of them to use in my Sunday school class?
Yes, you can make as many copies as you need. However, the material available from this website is intended for private use only and cannot be distributed commercially for sale. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

What version of the Bible do you use?
Most verses and Biblical references on our site are from the New International Version or New International Version 1984. In some cases, however, for particular emphasis, we use other versions and we include a notation following the verse such as NLT, RSV, etc. In addition, we create many handout pages specifically for children using the King James version whenever necessary. When a KJV version is available, you will see an additional link within the materials section of the particular page. 

Do you have content in other languages?
All of our materials (except a handful of language specific pages) are also available in Spanish. A few other translations are available for some pages, and can be found in our Outreach section.

Can I translate your material into other languages?
We thank God for the growing number of people who want to translate our resources into other languages. Translation is critical to our International Outreach. You have our permission and blessing to translate any of our resources for use in your church or classroom.

In order to translate Kids Sunday School Place material and make it available for use outside your classroom, using a website, publication, or other means of distribution, follow the steps outlined below.        
  1. Submit a Permission to Translate application form for our review. Click here: PDF Version   Text Version
  2. Translate the whole resource or make it clear it is an excerpt.
  3. Include: "Copyright [you fill in the year] Kids Sunday School Place, Inc.
                        Used by permission”     
  4. You may not seek compensation from Kids Sunday School Place, Inc. for translating or distribution of the material.

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Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. You can pay electronically with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express using our secured server pages, or through PayPal a secured third party service. To use PayPal you must first open an account with them, which is quick and easy.

I live outside the United States of America; can I still pay using my credit card?
Yes, you can use a Visa or MasterCard from any country through our electronic payment service. PayPal also offers service to many countries. For an updated list of countries that can use PayPal please click here

What happens to the purple dots when my membership becomes active?
The purple dots do not go away with membership, but remain visible to show which items require a log in for access. The first time you try to open an item with a purple dot, you will get a log in screen to enter your username and password. You only need to do this once each session. You can also log in by clicking on the "My Account" link found at the top of every page.

What if I cannot afford the cost of membership?
Although we feel the cost of membership is very reasonable, we understand that limited funds and exchange rates in some countries can be challenging. We do offer membership free of charge when possible to make sure kids worldwide have access to quality Sunday school material. Contact us to let us know about your situation.

When will my membership become active?
Your membership begins the day your account becomes active and is good for a full year. We offer three payment options that will determine when your membership becomes active.

Direct Credit Card Payment:
Using our secured server to pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express is the quickest and most secure method. Membership becomes active within a few seconds after entering your valid credit card information.

Payments via PayPal:
There are three ways to pay using PayPal. You can use one of their accepted credit cards, and activation is the same as when using our direct credit card payment option. You can also send cash directly from your bank account, and activation is immediate. A third way is to send an E-check. When sending an E-check, your membership does not become active until the E-check clears our bank. This can take from four to five business days.

Payment by mail:

You can send a check or money order through regular mail. Your account becomes active when we receive your payment. We will also send an email to confirm receipt. It generally takes about a week for payments to arrive through the mail. When paying by mail, be sure to print the invoice provided during registration and send a copy with your payment. 

What is the difference between an Individual and a Group membership?
The amount of material is exactly the same for both types of memberships. The group membership benefits you and your organization in that up to 25 persons can access the site at any time from their own computer to select materials. With a group membership, everyone uses the same username and password to log in.

The individual membership is when only one person needs to have access. If you have three or more persons needing to select their own materials, then the group rate will offer a significant cost savings compared to individual memberships.
How/When can I renew my membership?
There are no automatic renewals. Approximately 30 days prior to your membership expiring, you will see a link when you log in allowing you to renew your membership. You can use this link to access a payment page to send payments electronically or through the mail. You can also renew anytime after the expiration of your membership.

Does membership to Kids Sunday School Place also give me access to Teen Sunday School Place?
No, Teen Sunday School Place is a separate ministry. Besides recovering the cost for development and maintenance, another reason for keeping the sites separate is because many teachers need resources only for one age group or the other, but not both. To combine them would require a higher overall cost. Visit Teen Sunday School Place

Why can't you just make everything free?
We are indeed interested in helping others and have a passion for reaching children around the world with the Good News of Jesus. While we would love to offer the entire site for free to everyone, we just can’t afford to cover the costs involved in running and developing the site in this way. However, there is quite a significant amount of material that is available to everyone free of charge. The cost of individual membership is less than $1.00 a week. We also offer group rates at a reduced rate so that your entire church can benefit from the Kids Sunday School curriculum. Using the group rate, the cost per person drops to mere pennies a week.

Why is my account still showing as pending?
Accounts stay in pending status until payment is received. If you are paying by mail, your account will be activated as soon as your check arrives. You will also receive an email notification.

When paying by credit card, accounts may remain in pending status due to a rejected transaction. Normally, this happens when information is entered incorrectly or when the issuer of the card does not allow the purchase. Make sure your card has not expired and that you enter the information correctly. You may want to try another card if you have one. Until we delete a pending account from our database, you will need to register again using a different username and email address. To have us delete a pending account right away, contact us.

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How do I know if your website is safe and secure for credit card transactions?
We only use secured web pages to transfer sensitive information. You can tell if a page is secured by noticing a closed padlock and the URL of the page will begin with https:// instead of http://. Our website is tested and certified annually by Trustwave. PayPal is also a secured third party service. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What do you do with my credit card information and other personal information?
We do not retain any credit card information. The only way to renew an account is for you to reenter your credit card information again. In addition, we will not share any information about our members with anyone else. Information is collected solely for the purpose of serving you and maintaining our membership list.

Do I need to let you know if I get a new email address?
Yes. If you happen to forget your password, an email with your current password can be sent to you upon request. You must use the same email address that is shown on your account to have a proper match. To keep your email address and any other personal information current, you can login and then go to "My Profile," then, "Edit Profile."

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Why is my printed page so small?
The default print setting for most browsers, including Internet Explorer, is "Shrink to Fit." This setting allows long or multiple pages to fit on fewer pages for printing. Check your print options to see if "Shrink to Fit" is active. Typically, this is done by clicking "File," on your menu bar (to use the shortcut press Alt + F) and then "Page Setup." Remove the check mark in the box next to "Enable Shrink-to-fit" if desired and then click "ok."

The "Shrink to Fit" setting reduces the size of our print pages to around 75%. If this is too small, we suggest using 100% as your default. When you uncheck the "Shrink to Fit" box, the new default is 100%. You can also select other percentages on a one-time basis to produce a print size that is right for you.

What is the best way to print pages to be handed out the children?
Handout pages are in PDF form for easy and consistent printing. You can produce the number of copies needed using your printer or a copy machine. To print PDF files, you must have Adobe reader. To download the free program from the Adobe website, click here 

If possible, use medium white card stock when printing bookmarks, certificates, posters, Bible cards, etc

For other pages, you have several printing options.

Option 1:
Lessons and supporting material, which will be used by the teacher, can be easily printed by using the print tool on your favorite browser.
The intended layout supported by most printers will produce a one inch border around the printed area. The page number and website address will show in the margins when printing in this way. You can suppress the header and footer information printed by your browser by choosing File > Page Setup. Then delete the following items from the headers and footers section:
  • Header: &w&bPage &p of &P    
  • Footer: &u&b&d

Option 2:
If you have a graphic program loaded on your computer that supports GIF format, you can copy and paste the image directly into your graphics program. Once the full size image is loaded, right click and select copy. Then go to your graphic program and open a new file. Select edit from the menu bar and paste the image. It is now available for printing or if you like, it can be resized as needed. By using this method, you will not see the page number and website address in the margins.

Option 3:
Programs such as Microsoft Word can also be used to copy and print pages. Simply use your pointer to select the areas of the page you wish to paste to an opened word document. This method also prints background colors. Remember that any items copied in this manner must display the Kids Sunday School Inc. copyright statement.

How can I remove the page title and page number from the margins?
You can suppress the header and footer information printed by your browser by choosing

File > Page Setup. Then delete the fol
Header: &w&bPage &p of &P
Footer: &u&b&d

Can I print pages and make copies of them to use in my Sunday school class?
Yes, you can make as many copies as you need; however, the material available from this website is intended for private use only and cannot be distributed commercially for sale. For more see our Terms of Use.

Google Chrome Print Errors
If you get an error while attempting to print material using Google Chrome, click the "Advanced" link located at the bottom of the left column of Google Chrome's "Print Preview Window," which will allow you use the normal Windows print options.

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